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Alfa Furnishing Sit-to-Stand Desk Frame review

I know this brand is relatively new compared to the others discussed on this subreddit, so I wanted to contribute some feedback for anyone else looking for a decent standing desk option in the $200-300 range. I’m also new to sit-stand desks so take this with the requisite grain of salt.

I got this frame in black.

Tl;dr - 4/5 stars, should be top of the list if you need a sit-stand frame but also don’t have tons of spare cash

First, the pros:

  • pretty easy to set up, all things considered. Took me a couple hours, so a bit longer than most, but I was also contending with a back injury at the time, so the fact that I was able to get it done despite that should tell you something.

  • excellent structural support - I’m a hobbyist woodworker so I may overthink these things, but the chances of your desk top moving or flexing in any way once it’s screwed down, even with a thin 3/4” top, is nil.

  • very easy to configure once you get used to the control pad (more on that below), and saving/using presets is stupid simple.

  • movement is smooth, fast, and quiet, and what little noise it makes is very muted/unobtrusive. It’s a pleasant VRRRRRR sound, if that makes sense. Way less annoying than I was expecting.

  • this thing is rock-solid. Seriously, I’m a big dude (350lb, 6’3” - what I call the “powerlifter dad bod”) and even if I lean on it with both forearms at full height, wobble is fairly minimal and much less than I expected (save for one minor issue below)

  • their 5 year motor warranty is much better than the competitors at this price range, as far as I can tell.

Now for the cons:

  • I’m not sure if this was a machining mistake or user error, but one side has the slightest extra 1/16ish of an inch gap where the center struts meet the pressure-fit edge brackets/spanners/whatever you call them. That creates the slightest bit of flex and a noticeable metallic “clack” sound when pressure is applied to the right side of the desk. Fairly minor, and I did address it for now with some shims (see also: trimmed popsicle sticks lol), but just something to be aware of. And like I said, it may be user error on my part for not tightening the parts together as much as I should have after adjusting the width, before I screwed everything down. (If it is, I blame the mild painkillers and medicinal cookies I had eaten earlier that day for my back lol)

  • the control pad is a little finicky. First, it has to “wake up,” so it won’t register your first button press. After that it sometimes won’t register a button press, other times it’ll double press (both with the same result of nothing happening), just due to the oddly-sensitive bubble-style buttons (which may be the norm idk). Once you get used to it it’s a non-issue, though. I just have to occasionally hit a button twice to get it moving. My advice? Just press the button with purpose. (also if that’s an upgradable part, then disregard this)

Overall, I’d give it a very solid 4 stars for the price point, and I highly highly highly recommend it to anyone looking to make the switch without spending a ton of money. Even more so if you get it on sale like I did (I think I paid like $230ish for their BTS promo with tax/shipping). You will get what you pay for, so keep that in mind, but what you get is well worth what you’re paying.

Peace ✌🏻