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All the best back-to-school sales for the whole family

Whether you’re dreading the return to the classroom or counting down the days until September, there’s no denying it — summer will soon be coming to a close, and students everywhere need to gear up for the new school year. Thankfully, you can save on back-to-school shopping starting now, thanks to tons of sales for everyone from kindergartners to college freshmen and beyond.

Be sure to browse these sales below even if you haven’t been in school for years — back-to-school season is a state of mind, after all, and you might feel inspired to bring your lunch to work in a snazzy new lunch box or organize your schedule with a cute agenda.

When Do Back-to-School Sales Start?
Expect Back to School sales to start in early July and run until late August in 2023. A handful of sales will likely last into September, in case you wind up needing a few extra things you didn't account for.

Here's when we saw sales start and end for some of the biggest Back to School retailers last year:

Amazon Back to School sales started on July 6, with new deals appearing weekly until September. The last deal ran through September 26. This was the first big Back to School sale of the year, and Amazon is likely to start sales early and run them late this year, too.

Best Buy Back to School sales started on July 8, with new items joining the sale about every two weeks. These events wrapped up in late August.

Target Back to School sales started on July 14 and ended on August 11. That should be a good period of time for most shoppers, but those who want to shop particularly early or late may miss Target's savings.

Here are US Special back-to-school sales 


Dual Motor Standing Desk with Pop up Outlet 💰 ONLY $539



Single Motor Standing Desk  40% off

💰 48*30"  $309   55*28"  $319    60*30"  $429

Dual Motor Standing Desk 40% off
💰48*30"  $376  55*28"  $381    60*30"  $482


💡 RGB LIGHTING Accessories 30% off



RGB Lighting Gaming Monitor Arm 💰 $95


💡Unique Bundle UP to 50% off

PIY DONUT SET ( DONUT Coat Hanger / Sealing Clips/ NUDE Coat Rack)