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Are Standing Desks Good for You? A Comprehensive Guide to the Basics

Standing desks have become very popular with time. This is because more people are now aware of the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. A standing desk is adjustable in height. It allows you to work either sitting or standing. But the question remains – are standing desks good for you? This article aims to give an exhaustive outline of the various kinds of desks accessible, their advantages, things to consider when choosing, and more to assist with answering this inquiry.


Who Needs a Standing Desk?

The truth is that everyone benefits from standing desks. Prolonged sitting strains back/neck muscles and risks stiffness/pain. Standing burns more calories and keeps users active. Desks may boost productivity, too, by reducing lethargy and improving alertness. Incorporating just a period of standing provides significant health gains, making them universally suitable.


Types of Standing Desk

Are standing desks worth it? Yes, and they have many types. The three main types are:

1. Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

The most versatile option is a height-adjustable standing desk. Electric models typically feature dual motors that smoothly raise and lower the desktop surface at the press of a button. Customizable height presets for one-touch operation allow users to save favorite heights for one-touch adjustment. Pneumatic or gas-lift desks operate similarly to an office chair, effortlessly compressing and extending with minimal force applied. While more affordable, mechanical winder desks require manual cranking but still offer adjustable ergonomics.

2. Standing Desk Converters/Desktop Risers

For those wishing to incorporate standing into their workday without replacing an existing desk, risers provide a cost-effective solution. Desktop converters sit directly on top of a standard workstation, instantly elevating the surface to a comfortable standing position. Risers are also portable, allowing sit-stand transitions anywhere in the office or home workspace.

3. Fixed-Height Standing Desk (Bar Table)

Fixed-height standing desks, resembling a classic bar table, maintain the same elevation and do not allow adjustment once assembled. However, they remain an excellent option for those seeking an affordable, durable desk without motorized components or maintenance needs. Fixed-height desks are built to commercial-grade standards and can withstand the rigors of daily use for small businesses and industrial workstations.


Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Regularly alternating between sitting and standing postures provides notable advantages over remaining seated for extended periods. Standing desks aim to counter the risks of prolonged sitting. Let’s explore some of their key health and productivity-related benefits that answer the question, ‘Are standing desks good for you?’.

(1) Risk of Disease from Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting heightens the risks of many serious conditions. The top ones include obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Other risks include cancer and chronic illness. It can also adversely impact blood sugar and pressure readings in the long term.

(2) Advantages of Standing Desks

Standing desks offer various benefits that support the answer to ‘Are standing desks good for you?’. Key physical and mental well-being advantages include (but are not limited to) the following:

A. Relieves Stiffness and Pain

Remaining seated places strain on our back, neck, and leg muscles. Frequent standing and light activity help alleviate discomfort and soreness.

B. Reduce the Likelihood of Getting Hemorrhoids

Sitting puts pressure on the veins in our anus and rectum area, which can more easily lead to hemorrhoid development. Standing desks reduce this risk factor.

C. Burn More Calories

Just standing instead of sitting burns  more calories per hour. Over a full workday, this adds up to a significant calorie expenditure without formal exercise.

D. Higher Work Efficiency

Standing desks are linked to improved focus, concentration, and productivity. Employees and students both feel more alert in their tasks when alternating positions regularly.


The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying

The answer to the question ‘Are standing desks good for you?’ is clear. The next step is figuring out how to make an informed choice. The biggest thing when picking one is height adjustability - a sit-stand desk lets you easily switch it up based on your vibe and activity level. Other important things to consider are desktop size, weight capacity, build quality, warranty coverage, and extras.

At ALFA Furnishing, the following are our top 2 offerings in this product category:


l Star-N°2 L Shaped Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

For a fully-featured yet affordable option, our electric adjustable height standing desk is recommended. This dual-motor model offers smooth, quiet lift along with quick assembly and enhanced stability on its L-style design. You can also benefit from its lift capacity of 330 pounds and extended lift range of 27” - 44.3” to save preferred heights.



l Star-N°3 Double Standing Desk

A versatile alternative is the Star-N°3 Double Standing Desk. Featuring the same durable construction and extended lift range as the Star-N°2 L Shaped Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk, this dual-workstation desk provides a collaborative solution for open offices and shared workspaces. It features a lift capacity of 265 pounds and an extended lift range of 26.6”- 43.9” on each desk. Notably, it also takes the hassle out of managing your power rails and cables as well.

Both models are the most stable standing desk products available on the market. They support the answer to ‘Are standing desks good for you?’. Both models include our brand’s commercial-grade laminate finish, 1-inch thick tabletops, excellent weight capacities, and safety-focused anti-collision technologies. With a patented quick-mount frame, they can be simply set up with the included hardware. Buyers also enjoy our rigorous quality testing and specific warranty coverage.



So, are standing desks good for you? The short answer is yes. Standing desks can provide some excellent health and productivity benefits by countering the negatives of sitting a lot. When you get them from a reputable brand, they offer an easy way to switch between sitting and standing positions all day long at work. At ALFA Furnishing, we design high-quality, commercial-grade products that only last but also support a healthy and active lifestyle. Visit our website to explore all of our ergonomic furniture solutions.