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Father’s Day sales are happening now

Best Father’s Day deals

June 18, 2023 is Dad’s big day to enjoy time with the family,Most Father’s Day deals are only valid on fathers day.

However, Alfa-Furnishing Father’s Day deals is available through the entire weekend even month of June!

Dads: they’re goofballs, they’re tech nerds, they’re grill masters, they’re sporty (kind of?), they’re home improvement wizards, they’re masters of wearing the same outfit to every special occasion, and most of all, they’re really difficult to buy gifts for.

Here's alfafurnishing Father’s Day deals !

Single Motor Standing Desk    30% off for all Color Size Frame 
48*30"  $309   55*28"  $319    60*30"  $429


 Dual Motor Standing Desk    40% off for all Color Size Frame 
48*30"  $376   55*28"  $381    60*30"  $482 


 Dual Motor Standing Desk 60" x 24"  30% off  for all Color Frame 

 $359 (OP$599)

Ergonomic Chair  With Headrest  30% off 
With Headrest $335  Without$326 

Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame  30% off 
$289 (OP$413)

Desk Clamp Power Strip with USB C Ports 40%off