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Bulk Order Dual Motor Standing Desk- 3 Stage- 60 x 30"

Bulk Order Dual Motor Standing Desk- 3 Stage- 60 x 30"

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Eager to buy a dual motor standing desk but need a lower or higher height? We officially announce the 3 Stage Standing Desk Dual Motor - ALFA DUO RANGE Desk. Compared to our ALFA DUO Desk, the ALFA RANGE brings a more extensive range to fit your needs! Installation and operation are quick and simple.

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Max lifting capacity: 220 lbs

Adjustment speed: 1.2" per second

Desktop depth: 24"

Desktop width: 60"

Height range (excluding top): 26.7" - 46.2"

Frame width expansion: 41" - 74"

Pre-drilled and ready to assemble


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