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Magnetic suction pomodoro timer

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Super easy to use

Pomodoro timer clock offers a hassle-free experience with its 5 preset countdown times (3, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes) activated by a simple flip. Plus, if you need a custom countdown, it's a breeze to set with just two buttons. Revolutionize your time management and ensure every minute is productive.

Enjoy the convenience of dual timing modes with our desk timer.

Not only can you choose from the 5 preset countdown options or set a custom countdown, but you can also switch to count-up mode by flipping the timer bottom up and stop it by standing the screen up. The timer covers a wide time range from 00:01 to 99:59, ensuring it suits all your timing needs. Setting up the timer is a breeze for maximum comfort.

Experience ultimate convenience with our work timer. Pause the countdown by flipping it to the front screen, and resume it with another flip. Customize the sound to your preferred volume level, and select from either a mute option or an adjustable sound alert. Enjoy more choices for added convenience

Small, magnetic, and rechargeable.

It's highly portable,only 61g, easily slipping into pockets or bags. The timer comes with a magnetic base, perfect for attaching to the fridge or any steel surface, allowing you to track time without using your hands. It's rechargeable too, featuring a durable lithium battery and a USB-C charging port, saving you from the expense of buying batteries.

Important charging & usage guidelines:

This cube timer should not be used while charging, and it is not waterproof.

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